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A few weeks ago I was attending a Thirty-One party for a friend of mine. While at the party I started to think about how we never have enough “fun” money to just go out and enjoy our 20’s. Once I got home I texted her and asked what does she think about selling Thirty-One and does she think I would be able to sell it as well. She told me that I would be great at it and she would help me get started. So I jumped on board and ordered my enrollment kit that was only $99 for $420 worth of products. Once my box arrived I did not expect to get that many products to tell the truth. But when I opened the box I was very surprised. Here is what I got (Including something for my Erin Condren and Kikki K 🙂 :

20150307_09491120150307_094919 .

There is my beautiful pink box. It was almost 30 pounds! Yes I lifted it, but it reminded me I need to hot the gym LOL.

Inside of the beautiful box was everything I needed to start my business plus a nice gift. Can you spot the gift?


If you said the JK by Thirty-One gift box you would be correct! And there was even a cute note inside.


I received an R because my last name starts with an R. Thirty-One will start selling the jewelry on March 20th. I think it is very pretty.


Next I pulled out the top a tote The top fits the large utility tote that everything comes in.


Once I took the lid off I spotted this beautiful green Paris Purse that is part of the new jewel line by Thirty-one. I love it so much I can not stop carrying it. LOL 🙂 Inside the purse are two pockets and there is also a hidden cell phone pocket on the outside.

20150307_101057 20150307_101116

Then there is the Mini Canvas purse that is so cute for the spring.


I also got the Lunch break thermal in black playful parade. I already have on of these and use it for lunch everyday.


The next this I was super stocked about because I am a planner person that has an Erin Condren and a Kikki K. So of course I have a lot of pens! It is the Zipper Pouch with a cute frog Icon it. It is so late I can put pens and wash and page flags in it!!!!

20150307_101714 20150307_101722

The Essential Storage Tote! Man this thing is HUGE!


The All About the Benjamins Wallet. This is my new favorite wallet, probably ever! (yes that is my husband getting in on the Thirty-One action!)

20150307_102428 20150307_102436 20150307_102405

Next were two items for my mobile office. The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote and the Fold N’ File that fits perfectly inside the tote! I keep these in my car in case I need to hand out a flier or give someone my information.

20150307_102611 20150307_102618 20150307_102628  20150307_103014 20150307_103337

Almost done, Next is the cutest wallet ever the Canvas Crew Coin Purse!


And then of course the Large Utility tote that everything fit inside of, Plus the cat. LOL


Ok Sorry it is such a ling post but everything is so cute I had to share. I already have a few parties booked and I can not wait to book more. If you would like to make some extra money or would like to know more about business opportunities with Thirty-One please let me know.

Visit my website to order your own Thirty-One Products or to become a consultant!


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