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Erin Condren Planner Review

Erin Condren Planner Review

Every year I go through the same struggle….Mission Find A Planner I Could Tolerate. This year I was tired of searching when I knew that I would end up buying 4 planners during the year because I could never find a planner that worked for me. I did my research this year and stumbled upon the Erin Condren Planner. Just by looking at the website I could tell this planner was different from the ones I bought at Staples every year. The layout was different, It was pretty, and you could personalize it! What girl does not love something that can be personalized. LOL.

After much thought I decided to take the plunge and order the planner. I will not lie this planner was expensive, the basic Erin Condren was $50, but I splurged and went for the Platinum edition for $65. It took 3 weeks for the planner to arrive with 2-3 day air mail. This may seem like a long time but each planner is personalized so it does take longer to make. After 3 weeks of waiting my planner finally ARRIVED!!!

Erin Condren Box

Even the box was pretty LOL!

When you first open the box you are greeted by a catalog, and some personalized stickers.

20141113_155657 20141113_155727

These are my FAVORITE ones!


After the cute stickers you get to the tissue paper and the bubble wrap that is protecting the planner. This was a plus for me because I am a sucker for bubble wrap!


Plus it makes you feel like its your birthday when you get the package because you get to open it like a birthday present! Once you get the tissue paper off you finally get to see your new planner. This is what the Platinum edition looks like, it does come with a band that keeps your planner together, with the basic planners you will need to buy this separate. Also different in the Platinum edition is the Party pops dashboard page. I think this page added another beauty element to the planner that invites you in.

20141113_155911          20141113_160310

To my order I did add Coil Clips so that I can easily add things to my planner. The price for the coil clips is $6.95 for 12 clips. If you are a person that enjoys adding things to your planner I recommend you getting the clips.


Inside the planner you have monthly layouts and weekly layouts. Each month has a different color scheme that is just lovely. Below I have added the monthly and Weekly view for February so you can see the how pretty they are.

20141230_231958      20141230_231951

The paper quality is also really nice and thick at 70 lb. I have had no bleed through and very little shadowing. I am so glad I have found this planner, I am currently saving up for the teacher planner. 🙂

I hope this review has helped and if you have any questions please let me know. My next post will be about how I decorate my planner and also what I use. If you would like to order a planner and do not have an Erin Condren account yet you may use my referral link at the bottom to save $10. If you do have an account let me know how you like your planner. Have a Great day!

Here is my referral link to help you save $10 on your first purchase!

If you already have an account or just want to look here is the link to the Erin Condren Website.


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