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I am a teacher that loves her planner and is trying to live a healthier life. This blog is meant to have my life related posts and some healthier life style posts. I hope you enjoy my site! <3

Veganuary Day 1

So I heard about Veganuary on December 30th. Basically it is a website ( ) that asks you to take a pledge to go Vegan for the month of January. To help you do this the website gives you recipes, a guide to help you order at restaurants, a list of accidentally vegan items, and much more. With all of this help I figured why not try it.

I was vegan for about a year but then I slipped back into eating there standard American diet. I didn’t feel good eating the standard American diet so I then went to cutting out the meat but still eating dairy and eggs. Now this would sound great to some people that I was going vegetarian, and this would be great if I was not lactose intolerant. So when I saw the Veganuary videos on YouTube I thought why not give it another chance. I am more educated now and I have some good recipes that are easy to fix.

That brings us to today January 1, 2018, Day 1 of Veganuary. I woke up this morning and I was not very hungry so I decided to have some hot water with lemon, take the dog out, watch YouTube, take a shower, clean the kitchen, and then at this point I was starving. We went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked the fridge so I was looking forward to making my first tofu scramble, but the tofu was expired 😞

The bacon and eggs are my husbands. He is a carnivore and hates vegetables, but we are working on it!

Anyway back to the story……

Well, by this time I was to hungry so….. I had left overs from last night. The left overs were vegan. I had tater tots (that I reheated in the microwave) with a vegan In and Out sauce on them that I made for a veggie burger on New Years Eve. Let me know if you want the recipe. I figured that I can’t have just potatoes so I had an orange to go with it. This filled me up so much and was so tasty!!

I know, I know it’s a lot of brown!

I did better at lunch. I made a small salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, avacado, cucumbers and bell peppers. To go with the salad I made taquitos filled with vegetarian refried beans and chao cheese. I placed he taquitos in the convection oven and they turned out pretty good. It’s nothing to write home about and I will need to tweak the  recipe some before I share it. This was a very filling lunch and I may have it again tomorrow.


Around 4:30 in the afternoon I was wanting a snack. I was really wanting Ben and Jerry’s non dairy icecream but I went with the healthy option of veggies and hummus. Really nothing to explain on this one I just cut veggies and had it with hummus. Lol!



Due to my later lunch my dinner didn’t take place until 8pm. I made a Beyond Burger patty with Chao cheese, Benevolent Bacon and the vegan In and Out sauce on sourdough bread that was toasted and a side of  tater tots. Now coming from someone that had a burger a week a go, the Beyond Burger is really good and once you place all of the toppings on the burger patty it really did taste like an honest to goodness meat burger. This was so yummy and completed my day so I could sleep.




This is going to be an interesting journey but I am excited to make it happen. I’m already planning on going to Vegfeast in Austin, Texas in April when I go to see my sister.

Are you trying Veganuary? If so please let me know how it’s going! 😊

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Lena cup update

So I got my Lena cup on the last day of my period in December so I am waiting until my January period to give a full review. One thing I will say is that is take practice. Full update coming in January!! 😊

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Journey to Zero Waste Part 1: LENA Cup

Journey to Zero Waste Part 1: LENA Cup

Over the last year I have been watching YouTube videos of people that are waste free. I always thought, “I could never do that!” By that I was referring to the zero waste period. Well as the last month or so went by I started to get more interested.

On December first I took the big leap. I ordered a menstrual cup and some reusable pads. I ordered the cup and cleanser from Amazon and the pads from Etsy. I will report on the pads when I get them.

For the menstrual cup I went with the LENA cup. It only took 2 days to get to my house, Thank you Amazon Prime!

While on Amazon I also picked up the cleanser from Lunette and the on the go cleanser.

Let’s start with the on the go cleanser. They come with 10 individual packs in a box for $10. I will probably not repurchase them because this journey is about zero waste. But I wanted them while I was still in the learning process, you know just in case I’m in public and need to clean it.

I did use the cleanser today. I am on my period at the moment so I decided to go ahead and clean my cup and give it a whirl. The cleanser smells like tea tree oil, it is clear and is not sticky.

The packaging on the cleanser bottle is very nice and to the point.

I am still learning about all of this so if you have any advice please let me know. Do you need the cleanser? Can I just boil the cup to sanitize?

Ok ok now we are at the cup!!!

It’s so pretty I love the packaging that it comes in and honestly I went with this brand because I thought it was the prettiest cup out there. I also really liked the fact that it was purple and less flexible than other brands.

The LENA cup comes in 2 different sizes based on how heavy your flow is. You should also take into consideration high your cervix is. I went with the large cup because I have a really heavy flow. I was really hoping I didn’t have a low cervix because I didn’t want to purchase another cup.

Every LENA cup comes with a cotton breathable bag to keep your cup in when you are not using it. I think this bag is so stinking cute, I just love it.

Since I am on my period and I really wanted to give the LENA cup a try I washed and sanitized my cup, let it cool off and then the “fun” started. It took me 3 tries to get the cup inserted. I left it in for about an hour because it was sort of painful, every time I coughed It felt like it was going to fall out of my body, and I felt like I had to pee the entire time. After talking with my sister who has the Diva cup I decided to take the cup out and reposition it. This time I was able to get the cup inserted on the first try and I was able to get it further in. This seemed to do the trick. No more pain, no more feeling like it would fall out and no more constant pee feeling. I have not had any leaking yet, but it’s only been 3 hours. You can wear your cup for up to 12 hours so I am going to wear it to bed. I really want to wear the cup to work tomorrow but I am a little nervous because I don’t want to leak at work. If tonight goes well I will probably wear it to work.

Oh and keep your nails short!!! I cut mine after attempt 2.

The LENA cup company has very good customer service. Shortly after I ordered my cup I received a few emails. One email welcomed me to the LENA family, one was a coupon for money off of my next purchase and one was for FAQ and videos on how to insert the LENA cup. One of the emails asked if it was my first menstrual cup or not. When I replied that it was my first cup the company responded fairly quickly to give me some tips and let me know that I can reach out to them if I have questions or needed help.

The LENA cup company is still very small and is a company based in the USA. They are also latex free for people that have a latex allergy. The company was so warm and inviting they made me a fan of their product and I do recommend them if you are looking for a good menstrual cup.

I will update you more tomorrow after I have given it more of a chance. But so far I really like it. Now that the cup is in the right position it is very comfortable!

Have a great night! ❤️

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Limited Edition Blue Midori

OMG it is here! My Limited Edition Blue Midori Notebook! I ordered my notebook from Norfolk Stationary Company. Let me just say, this company is amazing! I emailed them at 7pm and Mary emailed me back around 9pm. She was very nice and helpful. The next day I called them and she helped me order my midori and stickers, she even signed me up for their Pen Club to get 10% off. I highly recommend the Norfolk Stationary Company for all of your stationary needs. Now on to the Midori. I ordered the blue Midori because I fell in love with it. It was very well packaged.


It even had bubble wrap and a letter telling me about their pen club.



With my midori I ordered the Pan Am sticker set, I really just wanted the penguin.




The stickers are very thick and not “paper-like”. They will stand up to a lot and are worth the money of $5.44.

The Midori had its traditional packaging



And an extra elastic.


The outside is not very blue at all, but I hear the more you use it the lighter it will become. 


The inside is a very nice shade of blue.


And it even came with one insert. I will be getting more inserts from YellowPaperHouse on Etsy. The texture of the Midori is a lot floppier than I expected, which I am happy about. Overall I am super excited and happy the price of the Midori was $45.99. This was also the cheapest I have found a regular size Midori. I will update soon on how I am using it and how the color changes.

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Visit my website to order your own Thirty-One Products or to become a consultant!

A few weeks ago I was attending a Thirty-One party for a friend of mine. While at the party I started to think about how we never have enough “fun” money to just go out and enjoy our 20’s. Once I got home I texted her and asked what does she think about selling Thirty-One and does she think I would be able to sell it as well. She told me that I would be great at it and she would help me get started. So I jumped on board and ordered my enrollment kit that was only $99 for $420 worth of products. Once my box arrived I did not expect to get that many products to tell the truth. But when I opened the box I was very surprised. Here is what I got (Including something for my Erin Condren and Kikki K 🙂 :

20150307_09491120150307_094919 .

There is my beautiful pink box. It was almost 30 pounds! Yes I lifted it, but it reminded me I need to hot the gym LOL.

Inside of the beautiful box was everything I needed to start my business plus a nice gift. Can you spot the gift?


If you said the JK by Thirty-One gift box you would be correct! And there was even a cute note inside.


I received an R because my last name starts with an R. Thirty-One will start selling the jewelry on March 20th. I think it is very pretty.


Next I pulled out the top a tote The top fits the large utility tote that everything comes in.


Once I took the lid off I spotted this beautiful green Paris Purse that is part of the new jewel line by Thirty-one. I love it so much I can not stop carrying it. LOL 🙂 Inside the purse are two pockets and there is also a hidden cell phone pocket on the outside.

20150307_101057 20150307_101116

Then there is the Mini Canvas purse that is so cute for the spring.


I also got the Lunch break thermal in black playful parade. I already have on of these and use it for lunch everyday.


The next this I was super stocked about because I am a planner person that has an Erin Condren and a Kikki K. So of course I have a lot of pens! It is the Zipper Pouch with a cute frog Icon it. It is so late I can put pens and wash and page flags in it!!!!

20150307_101714 20150307_101722

The Essential Storage Tote! Man this thing is HUGE!


The All About the Benjamins Wallet. This is my new favorite wallet, probably ever! (yes that is my husband getting in on the Thirty-One action!)

20150307_102428 20150307_102436 20150307_102405

Next were two items for my mobile office. The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote and the Fold N’ File that fits perfectly inside the tote! I keep these in my car in case I need to hand out a flier or give someone my information.

20150307_102611 20150307_102618 20150307_102628  20150307_103014 20150307_103337

Almost done, Next is the cutest wallet ever the Canvas Crew Coin Purse!


And then of course the Large Utility tote that everything fit inside of, Plus the cat. LOL


Ok Sorry it is such a ling post but everything is so cute I had to share. I already have a few parties booked and I can not wait to book more. If you would like to make some extra money or would like to know more about business opportunities with Thirty-One please let me know.

Visit my website to order your own Thirty-One Products or to become a consultant!


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Erin Condren Planner Review

Erin Condren Planner Review

Every year I go through the same struggle….Mission Find A Planner I Could Tolerate. This year I was tired of searching when I knew that I would end up buying 4 planners during the year because I could never find a planner that worked for me. I did my research this year and stumbled upon the Erin Condren Planner. Just by looking at the website I could tell this planner was different from the ones I bought at Staples every year. The layout was different, It was pretty, and you could personalize it! What girl does not love something that can be personalized. LOL.

After much thought I decided to take the plunge and order the planner. I will not lie this planner was expensive, the basic Erin Condren was $50, but I splurged and went for the Platinum edition for $65. It took 3 weeks for the planner to arrive with 2-3 day air mail. This may seem like a long time but each planner is personalized so it does take longer to make. After 3 weeks of waiting my planner finally ARRIVED!!!

Erin Condren Box

Even the box was pretty LOL!

When you first open the box you are greeted by a catalog, and some personalized stickers.

20141113_155657 20141113_155727

These are my FAVORITE ones!


After the cute stickers you get to the tissue paper and the bubble wrap that is protecting the planner. This was a plus for me because I am a sucker for bubble wrap!


Plus it makes you feel like its your birthday when you get the package because you get to open it like a birthday present! Once you get the tissue paper off you finally get to see your new planner. This is what the Platinum edition looks like, it does come with a band that keeps your planner together, with the basic planners you will need to buy this separate. Also different in the Platinum edition is the Party pops dashboard page. I think this page added another beauty element to the planner that invites you in.

20141113_155911          20141113_160310

To my order I did add Coil Clips so that I can easily add things to my planner. The price for the coil clips is $6.95 for 12 clips. If you are a person that enjoys adding things to your planner I recommend you getting the clips.


Inside the planner you have monthly layouts and weekly layouts. Each month has a different color scheme that is just lovely. Below I have added the monthly and Weekly view for February so you can see the how pretty they are.

20141230_231958      20141230_231951

The paper quality is also really nice and thick at 70 lb. I have had no bleed through and very little shadowing. I am so glad I have found this planner, I am currently saving up for the teacher planner. 🙂

I hope this review has helped and if you have any questions please let me know. My next post will be about how I decorate my planner and also what I use. If you would like to order a planner and do not have an Erin Condren account yet you may use my referral link at the bottom to save $10. If you do have an account let me know how you like your planner. Have a Great day!

Here is my referral link to help you save $10 on your first purchase!

If you already have an account or just want to look here is the link to the Erin Condren Website.


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Tragic events…..

Ok yall, for those that do not know me I am a very OCD person. I must have my day planned out and if anything changes I freak out. WELL, on Thursday  after my amazing math conference my planner broke! The spiral will not stay spiraled and the pages are falling out. This horrible tragic event has thrown me in a tizzy the last few days, so today I thought I would remedy this and find me a new planner.  I looked in every store I could think of and I still did not find my perfect planner. I am really wanting to get a Filofax  because they are customizable and don’t have a spiral. But I have fallen in love with the Erin Condren life planners. I did decide to go with the Erin Condren life planner, but I am thinking that in a few months I may take the coil out and put the planner in a Filofax. I will give the coil until the end on January to prove it’s worthiness! I placed my order today to get my platinum  life planner for $70, so I should get it the week of Veterans Day. This seems like a long time to wait on a planner and a lot of money. But the company is here in America and nothing is outsourced which is important to me and evey planner is 100% unique because you can put your name and pictures on it.

Here is a link to the planner I am getting.

I am so excited to get this planner I have already started thinking about the dashboards and inserts I want to make each month 🙂 For those that have not seen an Erin Condren planner I will post a box unveiling when it arrives.  For those that would like to get a planner you can get the regular planners for $50 (I added and upgraded mine). You can also use the reference link below to get $10 off of your planner, so your price would only be $40. That is a great  deal because the planner that fell apart on me was $35 from Office Depot. I liked that planner a lot until it broke. 😦

I can’t want to show you my new planner in a few weeks!

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