Veganuary Day 1

02 Jan

So I heard about Veganuary on December 30th. Basically it is a website ( ) that asks you to take a pledge to go Vegan for the month of January. To help you do this the website gives you recipes, a guide to help you order at restaurants, a list of accidentally vegan items, and much more. With all of this help I figured why not try it.

I was vegan for about a year but then I slipped back into eating there standard American diet. I didn’t feel good eating the standard American diet so I then went to cutting out the meat but still eating dairy and eggs. Now this would sound great to some people that I was going vegetarian, and this would be great if I was not lactose intolerant. So when I saw the Veganuary videos on YouTube I thought why not give it another chance. I am more educated now and I have some good recipes that are easy to fix.

That brings us to today January 1, 2018, Day 1 of Veganuary. I woke up this morning and I was not very hungry so I decided to have some hot water with lemon, take the dog out, watch YouTube, take a shower, clean the kitchen, and then at this point I was starving. We went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked the fridge so I was looking forward to making my first tofu scramble, but the tofu was expired 😞

The bacon and eggs are my husbands. He is a carnivore and hates vegetables, but we are working on it!

Anyway back to the story……

Well, by this time I was to hungry so….. I had left overs from last night. The left overs were vegan. I had tater tots (that I reheated in the microwave) with a vegan In and Out sauce on them that I made for a veggie burger on New Years Eve. Let me know if you want the recipe. I figured that I can’t have just potatoes so I had an orange to go with it. This filled me up so much and was so tasty!!

I know, I know it’s a lot of brown!

I did better at lunch. I made a small salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, avacado, cucumbers and bell peppers. To go with the salad I made taquitos filled with vegetarian refried beans and chao cheese. I placed he taquitos in the convection oven and they turned out pretty good. It’s nothing to write home about and I will need to tweak the  recipe some before I share it. This was a very filling lunch and I may have it again tomorrow.


Around 4:30 in the afternoon I was wanting a snack. I was really wanting Ben and Jerry’s non dairy icecream but I went with the healthy option of veggies and hummus. Really nothing to explain on this one I just cut veggies and had it with hummus. Lol!



Due to my later lunch my dinner didn’t take place until 8pm. I made a Beyond Burger patty with Chao cheese, Benevolent Bacon and the vegan In and Out sauce on sourdough bread that was toasted and a side of  tater tots. Now coming from someone that had a burger a week a go, the Beyond Burger is really good and once you place all of the toppings on the burger patty it really did taste like an honest to goodness meat burger. This was so yummy and completed my day so I could sleep.




This is going to be an interesting journey but I am excited to make it happen. I’m already planning on going to Vegfeast in Austin, Texas in April when I go to see my sister.

Are you trying Veganuary? If so please let me know how it’s going! 😊

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