What a Friday of yumminess

05 Sep

Ok I admit it I may have a fruity pebble problem that I’m not ready to give up yet. Yes I had it for breakfast again. And really if cereal is the one bad thing I eat it will be ok. Lol

Lunch was great though I had left overs from last night.  I chopped a hamburger up and added broccoli sprouts,  edamame,  cilantro,  and lettuce.  I also took half an avacado it it was amazing!!!!


I did pack to much with the apple, carrots and melon.  But that’s ok maybe I will try something new and eat them for breakfast instead of cereal lol…..


Yes I took a picture of the bottom of the salad so you can see how pretty real food is. 🙂


Just a note keep the seed with the avacado to keep it from turning brown. 


I will say I went a little over board for dinner.  I made a shrimp boil with corn and potatoes and paleo sausage.  Again yes I know corn is not paleo but I have an over stock of fresh corn from the season so I have to use it.


It was nice to have a little bit of a fancy meal. Lol. Oh I almost forgot I put old bay in the boil.


How can you not like that.  The steam made it a little blurry,  sorry. 

I know people don’t care about what I eat for dinner but I am using this to hold myself accountable.  When I weigh in on Sunday I guess it will show if its working or not.  Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

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