02 Feb

So many of you know that since Christmas I have been on and off with the Paleo thing. For those of you that do not know, on Christmas night I fell outside my house and “sprained” my ankle. I waited through the night so I could go to my family doctor instead of paying for a hospital bill. The family doctor said that it was just a very bad sprain, and I was ok with this. I figured I could stay on my diet and just try to stay off of my foot. This worked for about a week, then I felt the need to go to the gym. I decided I would go to the gym and only do my arms and abs. I was happy with this for about a day, I missed running. The next day I called my family doctor and asked when I would be able to run again. Then the nurse said the most awful thing ever…………….She was glad I called because my second set of x-rays came back and they actually showed it was fractured. After that phone call I became very depressed, I stopped working out completely, cried everyday (pretended like everything was ok at home) and even started eating like crap again. It was like summer had returned and I was at my lowest point again. Then on Friday (A work day because of snow) I sat down and talked to some amazing friends and coworkers. we talked about our goals, and supporting each other. This helped be get the jump start I needed, yes my ankle is still messed up. But I think I finally found some exercises I can do and stay on track. Is it running? No, but I have my motivation back. It took me talking to an old friend to realize why I am doing this. Yes I am loosing the weight for me to be healthy and happy with myself but It is also to get revenge on everyone that made fun of me , left me or just plain made me mad. I have this, I can do it and I WILL FINISH STRONG! To my sole sisters out there (the ladies I run with) I will be back soon and I am coming with a vengeance. I dare people to tell me I cant do it, because I will prove them wrong, it will fuel my fire. Thank you for helping me find my motivation. My limits are as follows.


1) Dairy once a day

2) Cheat day once a month

3) Coffee with sugar and cream once a day

4) Exercise EVERYDAY

5) Get back to running when able

6) Meet with my accountability group on Fridays

7) Log everything I eat and drink in MFP.

8) No processed foods/Paleo

9) Do it the HEALTHY way. 🙂


1) Get down to 145 ( 72 pounds left)

2) Be drop dead gorgeous for my 10 year high school reunion

3) Get a little black dress

4) Be healthy

5) Run  a 10K and a half marathon

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