I DID IT!!!!!

08 Dec

As you know I have been learning to run the past 12 weeks with black girls run! I finished out the 12 weeks and I ran my first official 5k. I had to walk a little bit but it was less that 2 tenths of a mile the rest I ran. It was an extremely hard 12 weeks but It was well worth it! I have decided Tuesday I will start training for my second 5k in March (unless I find another one to run that is sooner) Today was exciting and I will never forget it. My husband came out to cheer me on just 3 days after having his gallbladder taken out, I also had a couple amazing friends from work and all of the BGR ladies! My new goal is to be able to run a half marathon this time next year, I will keep everyone updated on the next running adventure! 


Me crossing the finish line!



My official results after the race. I was 53 out of 73 in my age group and 1174 out of 1501 overall. 






First Hill. 






Our BGR Group!



Coming up the last hill. 



One last sprint.



Almost over!



Me and my ribbon!


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