Week 10……WHAT????

20 Nov

I have made it to week 10 of the walk before you run program. Our rotation for tonight was walk 5 for a warm up, run 30, and walk 5 for a cool down. If you had told me 10 weeks ago I would RUN 30 minutes without stopping. I would have laughed at you and walked away. But I DID IT! I DID IT!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!! If you cant tell I am happy. I have 2 weeks until my 5k. Even tonight I only ran 2.82 miles so some how in the next two weeks I need to get my milage up. I want to run that entire race, but the first part of the race is straight up a hill (1.6 miles up hill) and the hills are not little, you might as well be on a stair stepper with these hills. I know they keep telling me slow down if you need to, but there comes a time when I can walk faster up hill than run it. Any advise? I know I will do it I just have to get through the mental block I have put up. I will do it I have 2 more weeks to train. So in the words of my students, I got this. 8 more training sessions and then 5k here I come!


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