30 Oct

Ok I know it has been a while, but work has been crazy. I am now on week 7 with BGR and am enjoying running. So here is our rotations, Walk 5 min, run 6 min, walk 3 min, run 4 min, walk 3, run 6, cool down walk 5. The first 5 minute run was not bad but my music stopped playing so I had to run the entire 6 with NO music. This doesn’t sound bad but when you are use to music it throws you off a little bit. the second run was up THE HILL, this is the same hill that I almost cried on the last time we did it. I know we were suppose to run it but I had to walk some. I felt dizzy from not being able to breath from the sinus infection I have. But next time I WILL RUN THAT HILL! The rest of the run was not bad, but I definitely need to practice more with the hills. 

Anyone have any advise for running up the hills and not having to stop walking?

On another note, I have now lost 65 pounds! I reached my goal of running a 5k before I turned 28. Well, I ran/walked but I count it because I did it in 35 minutes, and it was 2 days before I turned 28. I also completed my second goal. Be under 220 before my birthday and I was. YAY! I have one more goal for the year and that is to run an ENTIRE 5k, without walking. I have another 5k on December 7th. I have and I continue training for this, so I hope that I will be able to complete my 5k. OK next practice Thursday, Halloween! 🙂  

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