16 Sep

Ok so a lot as happened the last week. My mother in-law is still in the hospital with sepsis and staff infection in her blood stream. Her birthday was this weekend so we all went to the hospital and celebrated her birthday in ICU with her, so she at least had a good few hours with us there. 

Also, it is official I have lost 53 pounds I still have about 84 more pounds to lose if I want to get down to 145 pounds. I know I can do it and keep it off. I feel like I am in a good place mentally, and I am enjoying working out. It is like my day is not complete without a workout of some type. 

Last Wednesday I did my time trial for Black Girls Run, I did a mile in 13 minutes and 36 seconds. Which is AWESOME for me!!!!! Tonight was our first Walk Before You Run meeting. It is a 3-day a week, 12 week program where by the end of it we can run a 5k in 35 minutes or less. i am enjoying it because it is like a sisterhood. We all want everyone to succeed and do well, we give each other support and hold each other accountable. Im excited to finish the program and be able to run an entire 5k.

Supper excited for the journey to lose another 50! 🙂 


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