Is it going to rain?

24 Aug

Ok so yesterday I didn’t get to workout at all because I had to take my husband to the hospital for a seizure(He is better now). So today when I got home at 8pm I was very thankful that it was summer and does not get dark until almost 9pm, but the sky suggested that I might not get to workout today either. I wanted to go running but since we just changed my husbands seizure medicine I didn’t want to leave him alone. I took a stab in the dark and asked him if he wanted to jog with me. He said his body hurt from the seizure but he would walk with me. So, even though I wanted to run today I figured it would still be a workout to walked with him. As we went outside we both looked up and saw a MAJOR black rain cloud coming at a rapid rate. We stood on the front lawn debating if it was going to rain or not. We decided to take a chance and headed down the road. As we were walking I REALLY REALLY wanted to run knowing that we only had about 30 minutes before it got to dark to be outside. So, I figured out a good idea to get in a small, small run. I would run with the dogs ahead of him while he was walking just a few feet then I would turn around and run back to him and do it all over. Since I cant run that long at one time yet I would stop running and just walk with him some plus this kept him in a good mood. We did about a 1.25 miles before it got dark and started to rain. Even if I didn’t get to run a “normal” route I did notice that I am able to run longer distances without getting as tired and out of breath. It felt good! I wanted to do more tonight but it was dark and starting to rain. But tomorrow I will get to run more. =) 

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