So tired

21 Aug

Ok so today at work was open house. We had to be there from 11:30 am to 7:30pm, for a teacher this seems like forever, we are use to getting home around 4pm. The PTA did cater dinner for the staff at 4pm today. They gave us sandwiches and pasta salad, it all looked AMAZING!!!!!!!! But definitely not Paleo. Thank goodness I packed something to eat today. It was a little strange and lonely being the only teacher that was not eating this amazing food. But I survived and am happy that I stayed on the Paleo path and I didn’t even want the pasta. But any who, after the open house ended a little late around 7:45pm I was exhausted!!!! But I told myself that if I slept in this morning that I had to so to the gym tonight, and I kept my promise to myself. I went to the gym after open house I hopped on the elliptical and jogged/ walked 2.0 miles. I think I may have walked more than jogged but my legs and feet are not use to standing on the cement floors are school for 10 hours a day yet. The workout did help my stress levels and it helped calm me down for the night. And I started thinking earlier, before I became Paleo I would have NEVER had the energy to go to the gym after open house. I am excited about this, but I am ready to wake up tomorrow, go to work and then go outside and run.FUN DAYS!!!! 

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