Exploring the town

19 Aug

I was going to go running today but I wanted to spend time with my husband before going back to work as a teacher. So I decided to see if my husband wanted to go for a walk. He actually said yes so we got dressed and went to walk on a local greenway near our house. I have been wanting to go there myself but I was scared because of the area.


The trail is a little over 5 miles long. I had a feeling we would not go the whole way. The greenway surprised me. It was clean and safe looking. There were basketball courts, and fitness centers along the trail.


The trail winds you around a nice little creek and past a lovely dog park.


Because we were in the middle of the city we thought you would have to cross the busy roads. But whoever planned this trail had a brain. To keep you off the main roads you got to walk under the roads.


And over the roads on very petty wooden bridges


we even got a good view of the city buildings.


My husband and I walked 2.5 miles one way and then turned around. So round trip we got 5 miles in. I burned 986 calories for the day and I got to enjoy a free date day with the husband. It was a great way to spend time together and my husband even said he would do it again. I think my goal for this year is to explore more of the local parks and greenways.


Today was a great day!

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