I did it! I did it!

17 Aug

Ok so yesterday and today have been so hard mentally and physically for me and my husband. My husband has been having seizures again and no one knows why. The doctors have no idea why he is having the seizures and they really don’t seem to be to care why he is having them. Well, today after the second one today I told myself I am going to get out of the house and I am going to do something for me. So I decided to go to the gym and for the first time I am going to finish 3.1 miles to prepare for my 5k. I did not care if I crawled, ran, walked, or had a pack of dogs drag me I was going to finish. So I jumped on the elliptical excited to go! I hit 0.65 miles ( I was jogging SLOWLY) and I thought I was going to die!!!!!!!! So,  I was like maybe I should slow down. But I decided NO I was going to stay the same speed and instead of thinking about the workout I was going to listen to Hollywood News ( that is what the gym had on the TV’s). The episode was about the top 5 plus size actresses on the A list at the moment and how they felt about being large (I know right!!!) in Hollywood, number 1 was Adel. As my show was going off I look down and notice I am at 2.75 miles in 30 minutes. I was like heck yeah less than a quarter mile left. I hit my second wind at that moment and the next thing I know I am at 3.0 miles and my knee locks up. I thought I was going to go head first over the top of that elliptical. I slowed down for the last 0.1 miles I was in so much pain!!!!! But I was determined. I finished my 3.1 miles in 48 minutes. My knee was killing me, I was breathing hard, and I was dripping in sweat. I did not even care at that moment that I looked like crap I was hyped that I jogged 3.0 miles without stopping! Maybe next time my knee wont betray me. Now I am off to enjoy my Advil and IcyHot!!!!! Super excited cant wait to do it again. 

PS. Yes my legs hurt, my lungs were on fire and I wanted to give up but I had come to far to give up! 

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