To Run or Not to Run that is the question.

15 Aug

Ok, so yall have probably figured out that I am a big girl. I weight 244 pounds and am only 5’7”. No I am not ashamed of what I weigh because It is a thing of the past and I WILL get rid of it. Last week I started walking with one of my friends from work, we will call her TR. I have always wanted to learn to run/jog. So, when we started walking I decided that I will learn to run AND on top of that I will RUN an entire 5k before I turn 28. Well, My Birthday is October 21 so that means I have about 9 weeks and 4 days.

    I live in NC and there is always the BBQ festival in Lexington, NC near my birthday. This year it is 2 days before my birthday. There is my goal my friends. I will run the entire 5k, I may not be fast ( A heard of turtles may pass me) but I will run across that finish line. I have figured out I will need to jog almost everyday until then to accomplish my goal. Yesterday,  I was able to run/walk a mile in 13 minutes. 

    To keep the momentum going TR and myself have joined Black Girls Run, no I am not black but the group has an amazing message behind them. I enjoy supporting them and their cause. I have many African American friends that I cherish, and yes a lot of them are over weight. I hope that by me joining this group I can help bring awareness to my friends and help keep them around even longer and keep myself alive longer.  Tomorrow is mine and TR’s first day training with BGR, it is a 3-6 mile run in a park near by. We have a goal for tomorrow not to finish alone or last. We made a deal who ever finishes first will come back and get the other so we can finish together. Prayers will be needed.

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