Loving life

11 Aug

Ok so great news I have lost 3.4 pounds this week by eating Paleo. I feel healthier, not weighed down, happier, not tired at all and so far no headaches. I use to have at least 2 headaches everyday. But I noticed this morning I have not had a headache in the last week. This makes me extremely happy, I was miserable living life in pain everyday. I will not say that the Paleo lifestyle is a cure all, but if you have tried everything and are still in a funk. Then, I challenge you to try the Paleo life for 30 days and see how you feel at the end of it. If you see no change then you have not harmed anything and you can go back to your old ways eating but if you do see a difference then you have helped yourself out. I love eating fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and lean meats. Yes it means putting thought into what you buy at the grocery store and there are not many choices of restaurants to eat at. But it is so much fun to cook and try new recipes. I just love it all.
    Ok enough of that. Last week I also had the energy to workout every day sometimes even twice a day. On the slow days I would walk at least 1.5 miles. I have never had that kind of energy but it is so empowering to say I’m going to workout and then enjoy the workout and see results. I am living and loving life right now. And I don’t think I will want to go back to my old lifestyle. But only time will tell. Until next time, eat healthy and live healthy.

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