02 Aug

Ok Ok OK I know most of you are like really? another diet? And to that I say no, its not a diet it is a lifestyle. For a long time I have been wanting to get processed foods out of my diet. Well about 3 weeks ago I became very stressed out and did not want to eat anything. So, asa compromise my husband and I decided I had to eat (his idea) and that I can eat all natural real foods ( my idea). So as I fell more and more into this way of life I noticed that my feet no longer hurt, I dont have head aches, and I have a lot more energy. I am even losing a few pounds and well I wont complain about that. LOL. To save some money and also to make sure we have fresh veggies and fruit I joined the Produce box. It is a local company that get fruits and veggies from local farmers and delivers them to your house each week. The price of the box is $24.00 per week and it feeds 3-4 people. so this should be plenty for me and my husband. I highly recommend this kind of service to everyone. Not only do you get fresh produce, it helps out the local farmers. I thought it was going to be hard to convert my eating habits from burgers with buns and pizzas to lettuce wraps and burgers on sweet potato cakes instead of buns. But it was actually really easy. I dont know if it is because I feel so much better or because I know that I am doing what my body needs but I dont really miss the grains and pastas. On my husbands birthday I had a small piece of cake and let me tell you it was a BIG mistake. About 2am that night I woke up feeling like my stomach was being ripped apart. I wont make that mistake again.  I hope it keeps going so smoothly, but week 3 is flying by. I will keep everyone informed.   =)

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