Royal Prestige Rice

15 Jul

Ok so after my husband and I got married in December we got registered for all of these different items to win, like every newly wed couple. One of the items we got registered for was a free honeymoon from royal prestige, as long as we went to one of their cooking demonstrations. Well we went we go then honeymoon and we order the pans. We got the 5-ply 10 piece set that came with 5 knives (Chef, bread, pairing…), 3 piece serving set, and 4 steak knives. Well I could have killed my husband because this set is almost $2000. It does have a 50 year warranty on every piece, if the knives get dull you send them in and get them sharpened, you dont need water or oil  and you can bake on top of the stove…… Basically you never need another pot in your life time. Well because I was so mad at my husband for spending so much on them I refused to use them until yesterday and I have to say they are actually really good. I made rice in them. 1 and 1/2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water, I was really worried they would stick and burn because normally when you fix rice it is 2 cups or water for every 1 cup of rice. So, I should have needed more water. But I followed the directions and in 15 minutes the rice came out perfect. My husband even ate the rice and he does NOT eat rice. Now he wants it every week, LOL. Tonight I am making a whole chicken on my stove. Fingers crossed it comes out juicy, and does not stick to the pot.

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