Breakfast to go?

20 Jun

ImageSo I love my muffin tins. I mean they can do anything you want them to when it comes to food. You can make deserts, entire meals, portion control, melt crayons what ever you want to in them. So last night while looking on pinterest I decided to make dinner in my muffin tin. But every thin I wanted to make took a lot of ingredients, so I decided to make breakfast to dinner. I decided to line my muffin tin with hash browns for the bottom layer. I cooked them about 15 minutes on 425 to get the crunchy. After 15 minutes I place a strip of bacon on top of the hashbrowns then I poured the eggs on top of the meat. Topped with cheese they went back in the oven for 20 minutes on 350. They turned out wonderful, My picky husband even loved them!!!!! We decided the next time we go on a road trip instead of stopping at McDonalds we are taking these with us.


SO Yummy!!!!!

Ok so I was worried that my picky husband would not eat these so………… I made pancake muffins too. But this time I used my mini muffin tin. The first thing I did was I cooked 6 sausage patties on the stove. Then I cute each patty into 4 pieces (24 total) and placed one piece in each cup. Next I mixed up the Bisquick pancake mix and poured some in to each cup until the sausage was covered. I baked on 350 for 15 minutes and they were perfect. My hubby even said I can make these everyday and he will be happy. Supper excited. I think I am on the muffin tin kick again.


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