6 Day slim Down results

20 Jun

Photo on 2013-06-20 at 08.47 #2Ok so I finally finished Hip Hop abs 6 Day slim down but I just now am posting the result sorry for making you wait so long. I will say the hardest part was the food. For me it was hard because I could not afford the foods that the program wanted, so I had to compromise. I did stay away from red meat and carbs, I ate chicken or white fish for the meats. I ate a salad everyday for lunch (no croutons). Then, to go with the dinner meats I had steamed veggies. Breakfast was the easiest part for me I made a smoothie with protein powder ever morning. I looked forward to the smoothies because they were chocolate peanut butter flavored. To go along with the eating plan I did do the hip hop abs workout plan. I liked the workouts,, they were fun and they did not make it seem like work.

The Results.

Day 1                    Day 6               Difference

Chest                      47.75 in                  45.5 in                 2.25 in

Waist                        48 in                        42 in                    6 in

Weight                  I lost 7 pounds.

As you can see I got the results that the program offered. But would I do it again……..I will probably do the workouts and modify my eating but I dont want to cut out carbs again. So yes, I would do it again with some changes.

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