08 Jun

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Hip Hop Abs

A couple of days ago I turned the TV on trying to find the news before work and this infomercial came on. I can watch infomercials all day long, so I started to watch. The program was from Shaun T and his Hip Hop Abs program. I normally don’t ever order anything from TV, but this workout program was different. It seemed fun and something that I would stick with, so I gave in and ordered it. You got the whole system of $19.99 plus $7.99 in shipping. I received the program yesterday in the mail so I decided to start today (bad idea today is national doughnut day 😦   ). With the program they give you the 6 Day slim down, which is no carbs for 6 days and you start working out with the DVD, I am a self proclaimed CARB ADDICT I love them they make me happy. I will admit today was not that bad without carbs. I did not get that hungry until I got home and I saw my husbands chips on the table, but I have been good and have not ate any. I even did the first work out, which is no joke I was pouring sweat. Just like the infomercial promised it was fun and did not seem like a work out. I am a very large person and need to lose about 95 pounds to be in the typical weight range for my height. I hope to achieve this in about a year, but I have been overweight most of my life so I don’t expect it to just disappear. Day 1 seemed to go smoothly so I hope to keep up the stamina and get this show on the road. Hip Hop Abs here I come!

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